How to build a Training Management Site on SharePoint 2010


Training and development is of great value to corporations and organizations. The benefits of training management system are well-known. A training management system allows HR department to create, distribute, approve and track trainings efficiently. This paper addresses how to build a training management site on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 using the out-of-the-box workflow, and web content management features. The workflow features in SharePoint 2010 helps users create automatic functions such as notification, booking, and collecting feedback without coding. It leverages all the great features SharePoint 2010 offers, and uses additional features such as Silver-IT Rating System to provide a complete enterprise training portal experience. It can be used by everyone to manage one’s own training schedule across the entire organization. Please note that this paper is NOT intended as a comprehensive introduction to the various features involved – it is assumed that intro topics came from other sources. Additionally, this paper will NOT cover non-functional visual customization (e.g., Master Pages, Style sheets, etc.).The final site design included in the screenshots is a result of CSS customizations. This paper does NOT include the CSS used to build the site. This paper is organized into different sections, which are essentially the various steps to build the site.

Note about environment

The environment in which the training management site that we build in this guidance is Microsoft-IIS/7.5, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 ( Later versions should also do, but maybe you have to change it slightly to make it work well.

Target Audience

The target audience for this paper is a beginner like myself in SharePoint with some basic knowledge of each of the following areas:
• Basic HTML knowledge
• Basic CSS knowledge
• Basic InfoPath knowledge
I mean to write a guidance paper rather than a step by step tutorial, because it will be really complex and redundant when it comes to basic knowledge of SharePoint, let alone there are plenty of great video tutorial already. If you find it difficult to keep in pace with this guidance, especially don’t know where to find those configuration in SharePoint, I recommend you to go through –SharePoint 2010 Essential Training first. After that you will feel more comfortable with it.

As it is a relatively long post with lots of pictures, you may download the full paper here:
How to build a Training Management Site on SharePoint 2010.pdf

or read on Google Drive:
How to build a Training Management Site on SharePoint 2010

Sample pages:



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